This page contains links to useful bits and bobs. The general idea is to publish, or provide a link to, anything that might help 12 Car competitors, officials and marshals or just entertain! Please email any documents that you would like to make available to anyone that might come across the site but please keep files as small as possible.

Wally and Bill on the Resolution Road Rally

Dedicated to 12 Cars in the Thames Valley area.

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An excellent introduction to Road Rally navigation

12 Car Planner spreadsheet – enter the event date and it will tell you when to do what

Sample Timesheet – all you need to do is enter the correct distances

OS maps – follow link to OS and once there click on a map number to see the current edition.

A guide to Scatters

This shouldn’t happen on a 12 Car

And this is to be avoided at ALL costs

How NOT to do it 4x4 style

Now this IS how to do it!